Navigating through the lethal jaws and talons of the economy

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Hi guys, it has been a while since I let my pen to dance on a piece of paper and pour its black ink on it. As reluctant as I was, I felt compelled to pronounce myself on “Financial discipline,” a subject which concerns almost every one of us. Don’t get it twisted though, I am just a brother sharing an opinion, not a financial counselor.

The country’s limping economy, exacerbated by the recent economic downgrade to “junk status” by Moody’s (American credit rating agency) is really, more than ever calling for financial discipline on all levels. The economy predicament is so critical that if you are a “shop-until-you-drop” spender now have to think twice before you go for a shopping spree.

The observation is lately clear that even big institutions with sound financial positions are tightening their spending and employing necessary measures to cut on unnecessary costs. And we should follow suit as individuals by reflecting on our financial behaviors and identify where to adjust accordingly. I mean one does not need to be an economist to realize that the current economic state really calls for a smart intervention plan and adjustments to allow us to safely navigate through the lethal jaws and talons of the current economic state.


Lack of the ability to say no to impulse purchases is a prime force which gets us off track from our budgets and hit the bottom. I once read a line which says “…. make a budgetary amount to account for impulse purchases and make sure you do not go over that amount on a monthly basis.” Controlling how we spend is probably most challenging. But yet if we don’t own up and accurately steer our spending drive, we will never win, regardless how much we earn.

pigThe term “Financial discipline” rang so loud that I was tempted to Google the subject matter up. I then learnt that being discipline financially actually refers to how well one is able to conform to his/her set spending and saving plans to achieve one’s monetary goals.

Financial discipline is arguably one crucial factor which if ignored can negatively impact the social welfare of an individual, family, and country. And on a personal level, realizing that we have to get ourselves well versed and apprised of how to make sound financial decisions whilst concurrently developing positive relationship with our money is key to safely flex our financial muscles. So yeah, checking up some tips on how to go about it might actually be worth it. And to start off, click here for some financial discipline tips.

Disclaimer: I am not a financial counselor.



Time Management


Have you ever read a line within a read which eventually became a quote that you live with and adhere to? I once read one from a book by a prominent and prolific writer and motivational speaker, Dr. David Molapo which says that “procrastination dilutes the urgency of a task and gives a false sense of fulfilment.” What this quote basically denotes is that procrastination renders the urgency of a task less relevance whilst, concurrently gives an illusion that you will still have ample time left to successfully finish the job.

Yes, the urgency of tasks differs; hence proper prioritizing is indispensable. The ability to prioritize and commence on a task at the right time and complete it within the right time frame is quite significant because it enables you to move on onto the next task and that eventually translates in the increase of productivity level.

When you have a pile of files stocked up on your table, prioritizing and time management is encouraged, whilst procrastination should be done away with. One should learn how to take control of his or her time as it affords one the ability to focus. When you work with no pressure and worries emanating from the fear of not being able to meet the due date, the focus is guaranteed, which consequently then improves efficiency. Besides, it plays at your advantage when you finish your work on time, because it affords you to have ample and necessary free time for yourself, I mean, you are human after all.

See, there is only twenty-four hours in a day, seven days in a week, four weeks in a month, and twelve months in a year. This clearly conveys to us that time is limited. Time is a limited resource and the productivity and success of an undertaking is determined by how well we manage this resource.

Time is limited and that is why it is indeed of essence and effective management of it is imperative. Never waste time on activities which will prove futile. Time is precious. Time lost is irrecoverable. Hence, make every second of it meaningful. Attain that goal (personal or work related) which you have set within the right time-frame. Finish that task on time.

Below is a link with tips of how you can effectively manage your time



It is so amazing and absolute stunner how social butterflies of Namibia can go all the way out of their closet just so they can pull up dressed and looking all beautiful for a social event. This was proved yesterday when I attended the NAMA 2017 Nominee reveal at NICE restaurant, one of the poshest restaurants in Windhoek city. The guys were all dandy while the ladies blessed anyone that beheld on them with pure class and fashion look.

A question stumbled up on my mind. If they could pull a dressing wow like this for the nominee reveal, what about on the day of the awards itself? People were dressed fancy as they took pictures, supposedly for their Facebook and Instagram pages.

It was all fun until I was asked to stand behind the backdrop for a picture. That is when I realized that my dress style was falling short of the standard. The bar was set too high for me to catch, thus I rejected the offer to have a picture taken of me.

And oh, the food, the drinks to quench the thirst whilst tickling the palate, and the performance was something worth to mention. The main organizers, MTC and NBC and as well the sponsors have done outdone themselves to successfully pull off the event smoothly. More especially that the event was broadcast live on national television. One could thus hope that the same or more effort will be invested in, come the 28th and 29th of April 2017 for the awards day itself. As it has become a culture, anticipation is that this year’s NAMAs will be bigger and better than last year’s. And yeah, NAMAs has a category for Pan Africans named Pan African Artist of the Year which saw big and successful African artists like DJ Maphorisa, Cassper Nyovest, Yemi Alade, Heavy K, Runtown nominated.

The Namibian Annual Music Awards entails categories that are open for public votes. Which clearly denotes that the power is vested in the public hands to vote and ascertain that their favorite nominees scoop the awards.

NB:      Public Vote Open for all categories: 16th March

Public Vote Close for all categories (except SOY): 14th April

Public Vote SOY Close: 29 April at 21:00

One can vote for their artists by SMS’ing the shortcode to 66262 (SMSs cost N$2)

The categories and nominees which are open for public votes are as below:

  1. Song of the Year

Chester – Sabi (SOY1)

Lady May, Dr Sid & Pex Africah – I Can’t Explain (SOY2)

Promise – Dogo Dogo (SOY3)

Sally Boss Madam – Natural (SOY4)

Young T – Fikulimwe (SOY5)


  1. Pan African Artist of the Year

DJ Maphorisa (AAY1)

Cassper Nyovest (AAY2)

Yemi Alade (AAY3)

Heavy K (AAY4)

Runtown (AAY5)

  1. Best Live Performance of the Year

Adora – MS Diamond Festival (BLP1)

Bradley Anthony – CD Launch (BLP2)

KP Illest – 2016 Namibian Music Awards (BLP3)

Priscilla Namibian Dessert Queen – CD Launch (BLP4)

Maranatha – Benjamin Dube Show (BLP5)

  1. Best Musical Event of the Year

Doctatainment – Windhoek Spring Fiesta All White Edition (BME1)

KK – Kaleidoscope/Bermuda Music Album Release Party (BME2)

Oteya – Ondeya/Vigo National Tour (BME3)

Ras Sheehama – Birthday Bash (BME4)

Sally Boss Madam – Woman Crush Wednesday (BME5)

  1. Radio DJ of The Year

Che Ulenga (RDJ1)

DJ Maldini (RDJ2)

Jan De Waal (RDJ3)

Lukas Nambala (RDJ4)

Nashawn (RDJ5)

  1. Entertainment Journalist of the Year NBC

Adolf Kaure (EJY1)

June Shimuoshili (EJY2)

Melba Chipepo (EJY3)

Rukee Kaakunga (EJY4)

A lazy beneficial day


That moment when you haul yourself out of bed in the morning and head for the bathroom whilst wobbling like a zombie because you are still awfully sleepy, hence consequently upon your return decided to put on loud music to shake you out of your half-sleepy state, you then proceed to the kitchen, and while you are clumsily trying to put something together for breakfast, because like many others, you believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, in the midst of it all, your phone rings and the tone managed to pierce through the loud music to command for your attention. You did not want to answer but then it is your colleague calling, so you tell yourself that maybe it is an important call, thus decided to eventually answer.

Good morning Erasmus, are you on your way to NICE restaurant for the SOCIAL MEDIA SEMINAR? Because I am already here,” a lively and wide awake voice of my colleague echoed when I reluctantly answered the phone. And that is when it struck me like a lightening that I am anticipated to attend the seminar, but it utterly slipped my not so forgetful mind.

I hastily got myself ready and in less than five minutes I was already up on the road. I however, was still very sleepy and dozing and in a most riling way ever, the cab driver was continuously skipping every single song that comes on.  And before I asked if he is ever going to let any song to play, my phone rang again. It was my colleague and I was wondering why she was calling me back again. “Erasmus how far are you? Because I am literally the only black person here and it is getting a bit uncomfortable,” she expressed. I wore a wry smile as I briefly contemplated on the fascinating utterances that she has just made before I let her know that I was within the proximity of the venue.

I safely arrived twenty minutes earlier before the seminar commenced and managed to locate her whereabouts. And it is as if they knew that some of the delegates have not eaten, breakfast was ready. It was food in galore and with tablesful of all foods that you have seen in food magazines, I was glad that I left the house without a bite of anything.

After everybody had breakfast, we all moved into a small conference room and somehow I was expecting to feel uncomfortable and completely out of space because like my colleague indicated earlier, the place was really full of white people. But no, I did not feel not comfortable at all. It was a very good and accommodating environment where no one was made to feel unwanted, demeaned, and less important owed to the nature of his or her skin color. I do not even know why my colleague had to feel uncomfortable. I think that she is just racist because the whites were welcoming and did not feel uncomfortable with her around. Lol, I am just saying.

And yeah, as it was my expectation, the seminar turned out to be educative, informative and enlightening. The seminar raised and discussed issues ranging from how to effectively put social media to use towards the overall attainment of business goals; how powerful social media is; why social media is the future; how, why and when to use the social media live stream to enhance and market your products and services and so many valuable information. Thus I encourage that whenever you have time, just avail yourself and attend to some of the seminars that are hosted by reputable and well recognized institutions or individuals.  Until next time, it’s idios

Janu-worry’s smoke lingers in February  


January is a month which I will equate to an enchanted forest that no single soul will desire to pass through. As a matter of fact, if people have a choice and there was a “month skipping” remote controller, the majority of us will most utterly be oblivious of the struggle and hardship that Janu-worry throws at us.

Janu-worry is the only month where you will find people walking around diffident and with less drive to face the mountain ahead of us called life. It is a notorious month amongst others that terrorises our wallets and bank accounts; Janu-worry is the most concerning; the only month which possesses the knack to humble even the most conceited and loud-mouthed people. It is the only month where everyone misses the pay day with all sincerity.

However, when the long and impatiently awaited Pay day eventually lands, it is then amazing how one can behold the bright, elated and grinning faces; it is when you will then see people walking around with so much assurance. It is when you will see man feeling all macho whilst walking with their chest pushed out, arms spread-wide out and head held up high.

Any pay day in Janu-worry is like a silver lining in the darkest cloud. It is a day that is highly longed for and appreciated, as it serves us with a temporary escape from the financial strains and chains which at some point seemed to be holding us captive for eternity. It is temporary because for most people, the hardship and struggle that descends from Janu-worry does not completely end in February. That predicament is invariably perpetuated by a bunch of credits (that we dig ourselves into) and accounts that need to be settled.

Well, it’s now few days past the infamous month (Janu-worry) and yet again the pain that is derived from the formidable financial thuds which Janu-worry has thrown into one’s life is still wondering about and making its effect to be felt. We are now in February, a month viewed and referred to as a reviving month and also believed to be a month of recovery and not just love.

Interesting enough, I once heard someone say “If you survived the month of January, you are a soldier and deserve to congratulate and pat yourself on a back.” And derived from that utterance, one can translate Janu-worry to a battle-field which merely strong warriors can survive. And I can say that I am one of these warriors. So yes, we made it! Even though for some of the people, the smoke of been broke is still evident and lingering around, the key and crucial is that we stumbled through.

When Janu-worry ended, I have seen people with the inclusion of myself celebrating. And it is understandable because making it out of Janu-worry is like having successfully swerved in between the deadly jaws of a ruthless killer dragon.

In conclusion, I sincerely wish that I was a financial advisor/councillor to shed more light with you on how to carefully manage your finances. So that next time when others cry and complain about been broke in Janu-worry, you will just look at them and say “I do not know what you guys are talking about,” ☺And yes, maybe we should consider laying our hands on some of the good books that provide guidance on how to manage our finances. I am just saying.

Until next time, it’s Adios !

Have a plan for your year


Year 2017 is with us  and as it is for any new year, it presents us yet another opportunity to make sure of our perpetual development towards self-growth to attain our personal, work goals and objectives, equally so it also presents us with 365 days to make a positive difference in our family lives.

As we are at the commencement of the new year, let us have a thorough reflection at a beautiful quote by Ray Bradbury which reads “A new year … a fresh, clean start! It’s like having a big white sheet of paper to draw on! A day full of possibilities! It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy … let’s go exploring!”

One could not concur any further with the gist conveyed in the above quote. A new year is earnestly an unmitigated resemblance of a big and blank sheet and we are the painters that will decide what we are going to portray on it (blank sheet).

And the best way to make sure that we do not make a mess of this blank sheet with unwanted drawings, is to already know while it is early, what kind of picture we want to have on it when the year ends. Hence, it is crucial to have a plan in place which is going to facilitate and permit you to successfully reach your goal, and that goal is to have a beautiful portrait at the end of the day.

Look at year 2017 as a tropical forest which you have to go through before you eventually emerge and reach your destination. And the only way to emerge out of it is to have a plan, and this plan will be like a compass that will assist you to navigate through and not go astray off the final destination.

For without a plan for the year, your dreams, goals and objectives will not be realized. For without a compass, the swamps of the forest will swallow you. So be wise and have a plan for the year.

The power of a “LIKE” button on Social media


I am no expert at anything but I am quite content that there are platforms made available for anyone to express his or her opinion or take on matters of interest. Provision of or access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and other social media platforms has facilitated and allowed everyone across the globe to have a voice. Thus, I am glad that I also can share my take on certain and selected matters. And it is all thanks to the freedom of speech and expression that we have in our country (Namibia).

And though I am not an expert at anything, this time around I feel compelled to touch on the effect (s) of the “like” button on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs twitteretc.) when it comes to the development of self-esteem; acceptance and the feeling of relevance among others. The aforementioned social media platforms do have a “LIKE” button which I call the “Supper Button.”

I call it a “Supper Button” due to its powerful ability to either build or destroy a person’s self-concept and perception.  I mean, it is so interesting that we post a status or picture of ourselves on, for instance Facebook and we will be constantly checking our gadgets just to monitor the number of people that are “liking” it and see if it is increasing or not. And it is arguably that many of us social media users feel good when people are liking what we post. And when we feel good about it, it consequently to a great extend contributes to our self-esteem, self-concept and self-perception.

We need people to like our pictures on Instagram and Facebook for us to feel relevant and socially approved. Because I can argue that if one uploads a picture on Instagram or facebookFacebook and no one liked it, believe you me, a lot will have their ego and self-esteem bruised. They will be wondering with confusion kutya why is no one liking their post? They will be skeptical whether people still like them; whether they are still relevant and approved. But the key question is, do we really need people to like our post for us to feel good about ourselves and have a positive self-concept?

To have our posts, especially the pictures to be liked has become a major thing that if editing our pictures and make ourselves look more like Beyonce or some famous superstars, is what it takes to win a good number of likes, then so be it. And as soon we start to see the number of people that liked our post increasing, then we start to feel good about ourselves. And it is precisely because of the above-mentioned points that a lot of people have two identities now. I mean, on social media the person reflects a true definition of beauty, love and happiness whilst it is quite the opposite in reality.

Well, to conclude and back to the real matter at hand, let us ask ourselves this. Do we really need someone to like our post (s) for us to feel good about ourselves, develop our self-esteem, feel relevant, approved and fit in social media cliques? Because I strongly believe that if  that is the case, then we earnestly have a problem. When our self-concept and self-perception is getting to be highly shaped by a “like” button of social media, then we genuinely have a problem.


Xmas awakens Windhoek’s ghost

20161223_124117.jpgWhen it comes to denominations, it is a conventional belief and knowledge that the 25th of December is a day that millions of Christians across the world celebrate the birth of the saviour, Jesus Christ, the son of God.

This day (25th December) is so special and in most cases people do spend it with their families and loved ones. But what do you do when due to certain circumstances, found yourself stuck in Windhoek and cannot go nowhere? That is exactly what happened to me *smh*.

Initially the thought of remaining behind in 061 (Windhoek) whilst others are traveling was like an irritating worm at the back of my mind disturbing my peace and before I knew it, I was frightened by the phantasm of how I envisaged Windhoek when everybody leave. The thought freaked the sh*t out of me because I envisaged a deserted city which consequently turned into a spook city with no signs of humans beings to behold but instead scary and peculiar looking creatures (aliens) inhabiting what was once a beautiful city of many bright, lovely and smiling faces. I was affrighted by my mere thought.

But right after the majority that populate Windhoek have flocked back to the places of their origins, to my disbelief, the city just turned into a New Jerusalem. All of a sudden the place is quiet. That quietness which instils peace and serenity in every soul alive. It’s like enjoying the tranquillity of a countryside.

I mean can you imagine driving from Katutura (location) to the Central Business District (CBD) in less than ten minutes? That is precisely the current reality on the roads within the city. So conducive and convenient. Just cruising 🙂

The serenity which is prevailing in what is usually a noisy place has created an ideal atmosphere for one to earnestly reflect on the year 2016. To assess oneself in all aspects and do a thorough review of one’s life; how one has performed against one’s life goals and objectives; assess how one has implemented the necessary set of action (s) towards personal development, growth and resolution (s).

Consequently, I learnt that a quiet Windhoek is not a spook as I have perceived it to be during the festive season and definitely does not scare me one bit. It was all in my mind. As a matter of fact, I mean if it was possible I could even extend the holidays so that those that have traveled could stay a little longer, just so I could have a quiet, peaceful, free of traffic congestion and less polluted Windhoek, where one could inhale a fresh and rejuvenating air.

Well, anyways, with that said, I have got to do a belated Christmas wish on you. So yeah, Merry Christmas to you. And I wish you a happy and prosperous new year.


Namibians can even be late for their own death

And so last week, owed to the Time is passingnature of my job I found myself at the prize giving ceremony of the prominent music event on the Namibian shore – the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMA). If you are oblivious of the NAMA, allow me to briefly apprise you.

*The NAMA is the premier initiative which is spearheaded by the giant mobile telecommunications service provider – MTC and the premier broadcasting corporation – NBC and it is driven to recognize, appreciate, and reward the artists and producers for their artistic work and contribution to the Namibian music industry *

Well, let me not go astray off the gist that I am so keen on touching this time around. So prior to the day of the prize giving ceremony, the organisers have been up and down, tangled up in the nitty-gritty that had to be put in place to ascertain that when the day to hand over the awards to the respective winners arrives, all will be in place and ready for a smooth broadcast.  Yes, the ceremony was broadcast live.

When the day came, everything was set to go by 15h00 as the ceremony was set to commence and go live at 16h00. The organizers’ faces were filled with enthusiasm as they wait for the arrival of the invited guests (artists and sponsors’ representatives).

And in the midst of it all, and with only 15 minutes or so left for the ceremony to go live on the national television, I could clearly observe as the enthusiastic faces of the organizers slowly transformed into irked and exasperated ones, and it was due to the fact that only few invited guests were in the picture, despite them (guests) been well informed in advance of how imperative it is to be punctual. The organizers were restless and didn’t know what to do and clearly, some things you just do not have influence over.

What was incredible and interesting for me is the pace at which some of the guests had when they eventually showed up. Folks were merely dragging their feet, posing for pictures and pulling off the conventional artists’ arrogance. And I was just there staggered and my inner voice was asking like, “nigga, people put their time and hard work in this event for you and all you can do is show up late? And on top of that you still have audacity to brush your arrogance into their faces whilst dragging your feet despite knowing very well that the event is live and moving around will disrupt the proceeding?”

The entire thing reminded me of an utterance which I once heard which says that Namibians are never punctual. They will even be late for their own death.” It is on that day that I fully captured the credibility and emphasis which is put forth in that statement.

Personally, that was proof that TIME MANAGEMENT is really an issue for many of us and this is one aspect of our lives that we really need to work on. Because regardless of the nature of or less important the event is, showing up late does not give a good impression, showing up late paints a picture that you are irresponsible, careless, selfish, inconsiderate and need to discipline yourself more. Showing up late is just a big NO!

Folks, Time is important and effective management of it is more imperative. Never waste time on activities which will prove futility. Time is precious and time lost is irrecoverable. Hence, make every second of it meaningful. Arrive at that meeting, interview or appointment as early as possible. For been late is not just a sign of lack of respect for yourself and for others but a highlight of how disorganize of a person you are. Sharp!

Music is Magic


livepreviewHave you ever listened to music which escalates your imagination to a destination unbeknownst to non? To a place completely outside the boundaries of this planet? To a self created cockaigne where you embrace the serenity whilst sipping on an exotic drink that affords your palate the greatest sense ever?

Have you ever listened to music which provides the key to the escape gate to sheer elation? Music which sweeps you off your feet and makes you feel airborne in the widely open space of the open space? Man, I equate music to magic man.

We rest under the illusive umbrella thinking that we understand the power of music, whilst,  sooth is that we don’t. Because the power of music is powerfully not understandable.

We do not know nor understand how to understand the incredible power of music because it stretches further beyond our natural comprehension.
music3You probably puzzled by what I am saying……., well you are not alone. I am bewildered myself too, because it’s kak semantic right here man.

I do not know nor understand what I am saying either. I suppose that I am under the magic spell of music that I am imagining pouring my imagination onto here through my dancing typing fingers. It’s music’s magic man!

Music is magic mujita wami (my friend)! Now put your favourite music on, close your eyes and let the magic of music take you there.